Friday, April 24, 2009

Scout Court of Honor

Last night dad received an district scout award for his service as a Scout master. It was really neat for him to be recognized in this way - he sure deserved it. He has been involved with scouting for 30 years now and has had a influence for good on more young men then I could possibly count. But last night after he received his award he paid special recognition to me and I thought I would like to share it with everyone. I cried all the way through it. I have married a great man and one that I love dearly. Here is his comments:

We all know the role parents, especially moms play in helping these young men achieve their goals and advance in scouting. Thats why a mothers pin is awarded at each rank advancement. It is a way to say thank you and to recognize their efforts in the success of their boys. Tonight I would like to thank someone who has helped to make me a success as a scout master. Someone I have depended on countless times, someone that has sacrificed for many of your boys over the years. That is my wife Gayelene. Whenever I have needed her to help with an activity, a campout, a court of honor or when I get discouraged with the way things are going or to help me to figure out the needs of your boys she has been there over these decades. She has listened and help me to prepare countless lessons for mutual and priesthood meetings. She has gone with me on several summer camps to cook for the boys, or gone grocery shoping, or prepared food for camp and packing before the camp, or clean up after the camp. She has driven hundreds of miles to bring me parts for my vehicle when we were broken down and stranded, she has run to the scout office for patches and tour permits or help to drive the boys around for activities. She has made flyers and calenders for parents. On many occasions she has been our photographer, then later made posters for our bulletin board. She has set up tables or donated her kitchen table for scout projects. She has sacrificed vacations for summer camps or outings. I counted up over 400 nights, she as sent me off over night and was left at home to sleep alone, many times for a week at a time, sometimes without a vehicle, so the souts could go on these outings. She has waited patiently for her distracted husband to finish the endless hours it takes to run a troop, or talk to a boy or work out a project. Every week she has to eat alone on mutual night and then warm my dinner, late at night after our activities. Many times she has been the other half of two deep leadership, so the boys could even have an activity or meeting. She has sustained me, helped me, counseled me and worked with me. Yet she has never had a son in a scout program to be proud of, or received an award, a pin, a patch, or recognition of any kind for her many efforts. I would like to take this time to honor her and say thank you, I only wish there was a badge of honor I could hang around your neck for her 30 years of devotion to scouting, the young men that have passed through our home and hearts, but mostly for what she has done for me. If I have been successful in scouting at all, I owe a great deal of that success to my wife Gayelene

Friday, April 10, 2009

California trip

I was looking at our blog and realized that I had forgot to blog about our trip to California to visit Candis and Joe. We really had a good time and on the way got to visit with Alan and Liz - they are such great hosts and we really felt welcome. Joesph provided the entertainment with bagpipes and it was fun to hear how good he is at that as well as the piano. Keep up the good work Joseph.

We visited Hollywood. I always wanted to go to Hollywood and see the Star's star on the sidewalk so this was pretty exciting for me. Just to walk around and see all the stars and who has a star. They were all over the place.

We also went to the Hollywood Wax Museum. It was not as impressive as I remember from when I visited as a young child. But here are a couple of pictures. Candis and I in front of Pirate of the Carribean.

This picture is of the actors that betrayed James Bond and then the 3 Charlie Angels.

We went on a hike to see the tidal waves. It was a beautiful hike with the ocean in the back ground. We hike up a hill by the ocean, around the hill and then back down the other side. Here is a picture of Candis, Alexis and I at the end of the hike. Coming down some steep stairs.

This is a picture of us during the hike. As you can see it was really pretty with the ocean in the back ground.

One day we just spend hanging around the complex and enjoying the exercise room and the swimming pool. It was a relaxing day. I wish I had taken a picture of this because it was a nice set up and Alexis really enjoyed being outside. I did get to feed Alexis by the pool and that was fun. I can't get it in fast enough.

The last day before we came home. Candis, Daryl and I had the opportunity to see a taping of "The Doctor's". It was interesting to see how it is done. the show actually aired and Candis was the only one that saw it. She said it was the same at the taping expect for a few minor changes.

Sean's graduation

We had another great week. Sean graduated from paramedic school. He graduated on April 1. We are so proud of him, it was a lot of hard work and from what Monica tells us he learned so much. Way to do Sean. Here are some pictures that we took of the event.

Here is a priceless picture of Sean and Ayden right before the graduation. They sure look good together - father and son. Ayden may not hear what you do, but he certainly sees what you do

Monica surprised Sean by having a special tee-shirt for Ayden. Here is a picture of him wearing it and his dad's hat and glove. Picture was taken right after the graduation.

Logan and Penn even got into the fun and had their own tee-shirts.

Becky is a wonderful Aunt. You can just see how much Ayden loves the tent that his Aunt Becky bought him. At first he would only let Aunt Becky and him in the tent. After a while it was - "Do you want to see my tent? Come play in my tent?" He really loved it.