Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day weekend

Daryl and I have long wanted to build a wall across the back yard and level the yard off. So this year we decided to get ambitous and invited all the children down for a day of yard work. Here is a picture of how the yard looked before we started. It turned out to be more work then we thought, so it will be an all summer long project but I am sure it will look nice when it is done. WE sure did appreciate everyone who came to help and all the hard, back breaking work that everyone did. I will try and remember to post a picture when the project is finished.

the Grandchildren had an important role to play - as you can see there role was to get as dirty as possible while having a great time and entertaining the adults. It was so much fun to watch them play with each other and in the dirt.

Hard at working - There was a lot of digging and hauling to be done. WE had great help as you can see. Monica is not pictured but she was kept busy most of the day with the wheelbarrel. We sure did appreciate all the work, in fact, Mary Elizabeth who is 7 months pregnant helped out with the lawn mowing as well. Its amazing how much can get done with the family helping.

Of course, every good project has to have good supervisors. These were the best.