Thursday, February 19, 2009


Let me intoduce you to my new Assistant Scoutmaster(Bro. Newbold). Of all the first camps to go on, he picked the Klondike. He made it through the night and this is about 10:00 the next morning. The van is warm, he is buckled up and ready to head for home. I hope he will go with me again.

Here are my scouts the next morning after a cold nights sleep, popping their heads out the first two comments were: "Is breakfast ready" and "Why didn't you put my chair away last night after I went to bed" It snowed during the night the night before valentines day, a few inches and his chair was buried. I laughed and asked him why he hadn't put his chair away last night, I had put mine away. It was his first camp with me and without his mom. He fast realized his mistake and we dusted off his chair.

Another cold Klondike with the scouts for Dad. This makes 11. The boys always have fun, in fact they always say that it is one of their funnest and most favorite camps. I must say, for me, they have lost some of the fun. I have learned how to stay warm enough and that is never a problem, but as scout master they are a lot of work before, during and after the camp. This year we had a little problem, during the night the propane tank froze. So in the morning I could only get one burner going and then it was so low it took us just over two hours to cook our bacon well enough that we could eat it. We had a great breakfast planned, pancakes, eggs, bacon and hot chocolate. Besides the bacon we couldn't cook anything else. So we had two slices of bread and two crusts, slow cooked bacon and two cookies for breakfast. No one complained. Here is hoping for better days and better camp outs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We love our family

We had a great weekend, with a visit from Monica, Sean and Ayden. Then Mary Elizabeth, Logan and Penn along with Becky came over as well. We had a house full and it was so fun. It made me miss Candis It was really hard to leave for our temple assignment on Saturday night. I inserted a few pictures of the fun we had playing with Ayden. As you can tell Ayden really loves his Grandpa.

Sean, Monica and Ayden when you tell Ayden to say "Cheese" he does and then he wrinkles up his nose for the picture with a great smile. it is just sooooo cute

Grandpa and Ayden playing Superman Ayden really loves Superman and likes to fly around like Superman does

Picture of Grandpa and Ayden looking at past family pictures. One of those quiet movements when Ayden stopped for a few minutes to enjoy looking at pictures.

Dad and I sure love our family