Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

For Christmas this year the entire family went up Mary Elizabeth and Spencer's house for Christmas. We all got there on Christmas Eve and had a nice dinner and played games late into the night. The next morning Ayden got us up bright and early, He is 3 years old now and so excited for Christmas. This is one of those Christmases that I will always remember it was a joy being around family and grand kids are the absolute best.

Every time we have a family Christmas - Becky and Monica like to make some kind of a gag gift to for us to open on Christmas year. One year they made matching pj bottoms, another time we got matching pillow caes. this year they made matching tee shirts using a old family picture and photo shopping in pictures of Sean, spencer, Joe and Chris (our foster son) I thought it was pretty ingenius and like the idea.

As you can see the girls were much better sports with the cool family teeshirts