Tuesday, January 26, 2010

District Award of Merit

This past weekend Daryl received a District Award of Merit Scouting Award. Of nine districts involved only nine people received this award. We were invited to go to a scout banquet and Daryl thought it was just a way for the scouting district to say thank you for his 30 years of service. Unknown to him, I had been working behind the scene with the Stake Young Men's President for Daryl to receive the District Award of Merit for his service to the Scout program and community. Anyway on Friday, January 22, 2010 we headed over to the stake house for the banquent. Daryl was quite surprised when Joe, Candis, Alexis, Spencer, Mary Elizabeth, Logan and Penn showed up. I think that got him wondering way. Anyway they served a really nice Prime Rib dinner and then started the Award ceremony.

Here is a picture of Daryl when he actually received the award. When they were giving him the award they read off a long list of things that Daryl has accomplished not only in scouting but also he his personal life. What a great man!

As part of the award ceremony, Dad was asked to sign a song. He broke right into "I used to be a bear" - this is a wood badge song and most of the congregration joined with him in song. It was pretty neat.

I am so proud of Daryl and his accomplishments - way to go and I sure love you