Monday, October 25, 2010

Back Yard Pool Area

BAck in May I blogged about a backyard project that we were working on. I never had a clue about the scope of the project and how it would turn out. I am sooooooo pleased with it - it is not done yet, but that isn't due to the lack of hard work, there is just so much that we want to do. I thought I would post some pictures since we are done working on it for the year. I look at the pictures and I am amazed about how much work Daryl was able to do this summer. It was all done by hand and the sweat of his brow but it is amazing. I sure do love that man.

Before and after pictures from the back of the yard towards the house. Look at all that work - it's amazing!!!!!!

Here are some before and after pictures of what the yard looked like looking up from the pool and how it looks now. What a lot of hard. I am so pleased with the way it is turning out and sooooooooo proud of Daryl for all of his hard work.

This is a a picture looking down at the bench.

This is a picture from the top of the stairs showing the bench. It looks really nice.

Daryl decided to build a pathway from the side gate along the side of the pool. I didn't know he was planning on this and it was a pleasant surprise. It looks really nice.

I saved the best picture for last. This is my favorite spot in the back yard. We really enjoy setting on this bench and just talking after a hard days work.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthdays and more birthdays

Our family has tons of birthdays during September through the end of the year. It starts off with three birthdays in September, Joe, Ayden and Becky, then in October we have two birthdays with Alexis and Monica, one birthday in November with Sean, and then three birthdays in December, Dad, Candis and baby Drake's (which we can hardly wait to get here). Anyway we have been attending a lot of parties lately and I thought I would share some pictures of some of them. The first one is of Ayden on his birthday. He had a Super Hero party with friends. That was a first for him and he was so excited. It was great to be there and enjoy the fun. This picture is of him in his Captain America costume that he got for his birthday. WE sure love this little man.

Not only were we able to go to Idaho Falls for Ayden's birthday party, but we were able to be there the next day, Sunday, to hear and watch him participate in the Primary Program. His part in the program was the First Article of Faith, which he had memorized completely and could say without any help. That was impressive and he did a great job. Here is a picture of him and his little brother, Gavin, getting ready to go to church.

The entire family was able to get together to celebrate Becky's birthday. We had dinner, opened presents and just enjoyed being together. Mary Elizabeth had bought a pinata to hit around. I think everyone enjoyed watching that and I know the grandchildren loved the candy. We all love Becky and hoped she had a great time as well. All the nieces and nephews think Becky is the best, and the the adults agree as well.

The last birthday party we were able to attend was for Alexis. She turned two years old and her mom threw her a Little Mermaid party. This is a picture of Alexis during her party in front on the Little Mermaid decoration. She was so exicted to have a birthday, running from one thing to the next. It was a blast to watch her. Her mom cooked really delicious chicken tacos for lunch. It was a fun party. Alexis has such a cute smile and we love her so much.

Monica also had a birthday this past week. We didn't get to see her, but we sure do love you and hope that she had a great one.