Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet Chris

We finally decided it was time for everyone to meet the new addition to our family. His name is Chris and we are his foster parents. Chris has been living with since October, 2009 and is so fun to have around. Chris used to be one of Daryl's scouts 4 years ago and needed someone to help him out. We were glad he thought of us and we were able to be there for him. What a great young man Chris is, but one thing for sure a teenage boy is different than a teenage girl. Chris is constantly hungry and it is a standing joke that whenever I come home from anyplace, Chris will greet me with Hi Gayelene I'm hungry. Doesn't matter if he just ate or not.
Chris has a great sense of humor and he has certainly brought a lot of laughter into our home. He is doing great in school with his recent report card grade point average of 3.5 - way to go Chris.
We don't know how much longer we will be blessed to have Chris live with us, but he has forever left his mark in our home, family and life. We love ya Chris