Friday, July 29, 2011

4th of July celebration

Every 4th of July our neighborhood holds a kids parade and breakfast. The children in the neighborhood as well as grandchildren decorate up bikes, wagons, or scooters to ride in the short neighborhood parade. Parents line the parade route to watch the children go by. The parade ends on a cul de sac where a short patrotic program is held and then a breakfast. It is fun to get to know all your nieghbors and to get reacquainted with ones that you hardly get to see. Above is a picture of Daryl, and Mary Elizabeth's family just before the parade. Spencer and Daryl drove our four wheelers and Penn and Logan rode with them waving the American Flag. It was fun to watch them go by. They seem to really enjoy it.

Here is a picture of Mary Elizabeth and Audrey waiting for the neighborhood parade to start. It sure was a fun morning.